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"may you find some comfort here."


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Hi All:

Haven't been here in quite a while and hope all is well with everyone!  I miss chatting with you all and hope this message finds you staying strong and feeling the best you can.  I started plaquenil back in September and feeling pretty good on it.  I did have a bout of migraines a few weeks back along with a brutal flare, but the rheumy tells me he believes the migraines are unrelated to the plaquenil. Lets hope so b/c it is really helping with my joint pain!  YAY!  SO thankful for that!!!  If anyone is on plaquenil and has any info. or feedback about it I would most certainly appreciate it!  Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!  God bless and stay strong my friends!  Love, hugs and blessings, Tracy xxoo


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Janice bisset
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Today with Lupus

rough day but bound to get better because i am going to take care of myself and not be a bully to me just because i can't turn cartwheels or run a marathon. i know my limits and i move forward from there.


"May you find some comfort here."

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